Al Fardi Group, a family run business house, is the
foremost consortium of various successful entities
located in Sudan. With the aim to create sustained
value in the marketplace and carve out a niche, Al
Fardi group was started on a modest scale in 1989
by Mr. Abdullah El-Mubarak in the form of a small
electric shop. With his hard work and perseverance
along with a dedicated management at the helm, Al
Fardi Group has risen to such prominence over the
years as to command a significant market position in
Sudan today with strategic partners spanning countries
such as China, Taiwan, Egypt, Germany, Italy
and UAE. Located primarily in the business district of
the capital, Khartoum, Al Fardi has a formidable presence
in the local market of Sudan with 3 offices and
3 showrooms, along with 2 state of the art production
facilities. Emphasizing the importance of high
quality products throughout its history spanning
more than 20 years, the company has built a large
clientele and ensured the return of its clients time
and again.

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