Al Fardi Cold Stores Industries

Al Fardi’s Cold Stores industries design, supply and install the perfect refrigeration
system to fit your cooling needs; from Split System Units to Compressor Rack Systems. We have it all! Al Fardi is also the sole agent of GEA Bock Kaltem-aschinen GmbH, the most reputed German compressor manufacturer
in Sudan.

The company is an established brand worldwide and records a yearly turnover of EUR 56 million with an employee base of 330.

Our Major Client

We value each client we serve; a list of our
reputed clients and projects serviced by Al
Fardi Cold Stores are as follows –
– Al-Shehanab Cold Stores:
2000 Sq. meters
– AlGazira Poultry Processing Company:
2000 Sq. meters
– Ganawa Meat Company:
1500 Sq. meters
– Mustabshron Cold Stores:
1500 Sq. meters
– AlMustafa Fish Freezing Store:
1450 Sq. meters
– Unicef Medical Cold Stores:
1400 Sq. meters
– Unmid Food Stores
(United Nations Mission in Sudan):
1250 Sq. meters
– Arabic Company for Agriculture
and Animal Investment: 600 Sq. meters
– Algaris Poultry Processing Company:
550 Sq. meters
– Hiraa Potato Cold Stores:
950 Sq. meters

Bock Compressors