Al Fardi’s Cold Stores industries design,
supply The Al Mubarak Polystyrene
factory, spread over 2,000 square
meters is well equipped with the latest
moulding machinery and multi-cutting
equipment and is one of the most
modern and efficient Expanded Polystyrene
manufacturing plants in Sudan
The development of these machines
has sped up their operation enormously.
They have a good reputation for product
quality and fast, reliable delivery of
Together with a state-of-the-art machinery
and technology exported from
Germany and China and a skilled team
of employees, our factory has enabled
to supply clients with large quantities of
almost any shape or size very quickly.

In this competitive Industry, Al Mubarak
Polystyrene, with the right vision does its
best to make sure that the customer
gets the best quality product as and
when they want.
Our products have been used in major
projects for commercial and industrial
purposes. A few of them are:
• Construction Projects (High Rise
Buildings, Residential Complexes,
School Projects, Villas, etc)
• Insulation and Waterproofing Proj
ects (Cold Storages, Prefabricated
houses, Roofing, etc.)
• Engineering and Civil Work related
Projects (Underground drainage,
Water projects, etc)
• Interior & Exterior Decoration Projects
(Brac-kets, Arches, Pillars, Columns,

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